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       Real and/or legal person to be referred to as Guest in the following articles on one side and DURU STONE HOUSE APARTMENTS İSKELE MAH. AMBARCI CAD. Duru Stone House Apartments located at NO:49 DATÇA/MUĞLA/TÜRKİYE; hereinafter referred to as the Parties.

      These parties; Considering that this contract is an official offer, includes all conditions for the provision of paid accommodation, all the conditions stated below are binding for the parties, they will be signed at check-in and will not be changed by the guest, they have concluded this contract within the following items.


1.1. In accordance with this agreement, the Apartments are obliged to provide the accommodation service in the Apartments upon the request of the Guest (hereinafter referred to as the 'Service').

1.2. With the signing of this contract (the Guest accepts that he has signed this contract by making a reservation for accommodation in the apartments and / or for the services provided by the apartments), the Guest is informed about the accommodation rules, reservation rules and tariffs in the apartments.

confirms that he has been informed.

1.3. When the apartments confirm the guest's request, the Parties will have concluded this contract.


2.1. Our guests have rented the apartments for a predetermined period of time, provided that the conditions to be explained in detail below are complied with. By signing this contract, the guest receives the flat without any damage and with all its accessories intact, on the day and time written in the contract.

has agreed to deliver it as rented.

2.2. The apartments have been delivered to the guests as complete, clean and well-maintained, together with the written items in the annex of this contract. The guest is responsible for delivering the items as new and clean as they were received.

2.3. At the time of registration, 50% of the reservation amount must be paid. The remaining balance must be paid by credit card, debit card, eft or money order before entering the apartment. For our guests who make a reservation through the agency, payment is taken in accordance with the reservation conditions of the relevant agency.

2.4. All our guests must bring all their IDs, including babies and children, with them when they come to the accommodation. When entering our apartments, it is obligatory to present the reservation form together with the identity card or passport that has not expired, to the reception.

Guests who do not present their identity document will not be checked in. This ID card may be copied for storage in our archive as we need to verify who you are and whether you are authorized to use the credit card. This application is used to prevent malicious use of credit cards.

It's a precaution we take. We believe this policy will provide the best level of protection for our guests and all other credit card holders beyond a simple signature comparison. In accordance with our privacy policy, we do not have any information about the identity cards we hold.

The information will not be given out and will be kept securely. When the need for use is over, it will be carefully destroyed. 2.5. All identity information must be reported to the Gendarmerie Command.

2.6. The entrance to the apartments starts at 15:00 and the entrance is made at 18:00 at the latest. Check-out time is 11:00 at the latest. Guests arriving late or early are required to inform. Depending on the availability of our apartments, an extra hourly fee is charged for late check-outs. Exit

If you want to check out early in the morning, Duru Stone House management must be informed 24 hours in advance. In case the guest leaves the apartment without being checked due to the density, the damage deposit received by cash or money order / money order will be paid by the guest.

will be sent to a designated bank account within 5 working days. Shipping costs will be paid within the damage deposit. If the guest voluntarily leaves the apartment early, no refund will be given to the guest for the accommodation fee.

2.7. You will stay  apartments are determined during your check-in process. Location and adjacent rooms are not guaranteed.

2.8. Maximum accommodation capacity of the apartments: 2+1 apartments: Maximum 5 adults+1 child or 4 adults+2 children (0-12 age range). (4

1 bed, 1 sofa bed) 1+1 flat: Maximum 3 adults+1 child or 2 adults+2 children (0-12 age range). (one

1 double bed, 1 sofa bed)  

2.9. The difference between the ages of children specified by the guest in the reservation form and the discrepancies that may occur during the entrance control is requested from the guests.  

2.10.18 A child/children traveling/staying unaccompanied by an adult over the age of 18 are referred to as unaccompanied child/children by many airlines/hotels. Reservations for unaccompanied children are not accepted by us.

2.11. The bed provided for babies is suitable for up to 2 years old.

2.12. Reception staff serve between 09:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the evening.

2.13. During your stay in our apartments, it is forbidden to host guests other than those staying in our common areas or in your apartment.

2.14. Our guests cannot rent, transfer, endorse, or offer our apartments to third parties partially or completely. No one can be accepted for accommodation from outside without permission from Duru Stone House management.

2.15.Apartments cannot be used for any purpose other than accommodation.

2.16. In apartments, guests cannot engage in illegal, unauthorized meetings, casinos, gambling lotteries, etc. activities prohibited by law. Otherwise, in any criminal situation that may occur (such as closing, sealing, stopping the activity, not being able to rent) the house or houses

The guest has accepted in advance that it will be taken from the guest by calculating the daily accommodation price for the period of stay. In addition, the guest is responsible for any incident that may occur in the apartment. Commit to the relevant courts and sign that the crime committed is entirely his own

he accepted it.

2.17. If the building and flat cannot be used or not allowed to be used due to force majeure, the management of the flats may unilaterally remove the guest from the flat. In this case, the guest cannot claim any rights.

2.18. There is no service including eating and drinking in our apartments.

2.19.Our guests can prepare their meals and eat and drink in their apartments and balconies; however, he cannot bring and consume any food and drink that is ordered from outside or prepared in his own apartments to the common areas, garden or gazebo.

2.20. Smoking is not allowed in our rooms. In apartments with a balcony, you can drink on the balcony. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the room in apartments without a balcony.

2.21. Towels, sheets, bed linen, blankets, toilet paper, shampoo and soap are provided at the first entrance to each flat in the apartments. Extra towels, sheets and bed linen are provided for stays of 1 week or more. Please check your extra needs from the nearest grocery store or market.


2.22. Responsible for all personal jewellery, money, foreign currency and all valuables belonging to the guest. The management of the apartments cannot be held responsible in any way for situations such as theft, accident, loss that may occur.

2.23.Apartments are delivered as cleaned. Cleaning service is not provided on a daily basis. There is a vacuum cleaner in each room for simple cleaning. You can do the cleaning of the apartment yourself with the cleaning tools in the apartment. Mats and vileda can also be given when requested. In line with the need, detailed cleaning is done for an extra fee.

2.24. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in the common areas of our apartments.

2.25. Toilet expenses in apartments, diapers, women's pads, toilet paper, etc. It is strictly forbidden to throw away objects that may clog toilet drains. In case of clogging and deterioration of toilet drains, the guest will be removed from the apartment for sure. deposit

is not paid, and he is also made to pay for the damage he has caused.

2.26. Our guests have to throw their garbage in the garbage container on the floor during their stay. Again, at the end of the stay, they are kindly requested to throw their garbage in the garbage container.

2.27. Our guests must use all electronic equipment in our apartment carefully.

2.28. Due to the fact that the apartments are delivered as furnished, the goods are broken, scratched, damaged, lost, lost, etc. Although there is a 2500 TL damage deposit, this deposit is taken in cash (cash), with credit card blockage or eft/transfer upon delivery of the flat. Damage deposit at the guest's check-out

If the fixtures are not missing after counting, they will be returned to the guest. These amounts will be taken on the day of entry to the apartment in order to prevent the unjust treatment that may occur due to the above reasons.

2.29.In case of broken, scratch, damage, loss, loss of the goods in our apartments and common areas, if the cost is more than the deposit received, an extra payment is requested to cover the damage. In case of non-payment, legal action will be taken.

2.30. The furniture in the common area of our apartment, in the garden or on the reception porch, must also be used with care. It is used without damage and is not left messy.

2.31.The guest cannot make any changes in the general appearance or functions of the apartment. He has to use it as it is presented to him.

2.32. The guest is obliged to leave the apartment as closed and locked in order to ensure the security of the apartment. In case of theft or loss, if the losses cannot be found, the management of the apartments has the right to demand a fee in proportion to the value of the lost items, if they wish.

2.33.The guest undertakes that he will not commit any acts that would constitute a crime on the internet line allocated to him, and that he accepts the legal and penal responsibility that will occur if he commits.

2.34. In the garden of our apartment, every child's parent has to take care of their child.

2.35. It is forbidden to hang from the windows and stair railings of our apartments in order not to cause any accidents and to avoid injuries, and to sit on the railings.

2.36. Our guests spend their holidays without disturbing our other guests. It is forbidden to listen to loud music, watch television, sing loudly. All our guests are kindly requested to stay in a way that does not disturb the family next door or downstairs.

Legal and penal action will be taken for our guests who do not comply with the rules of neighborhood law.


3.1. Upon the reservation cancellation request of our guests 14 days or more before check-in, bank commission and transaction fees are deducted and refunded. In addition, a full refund will be given in case of cancellation within 12 hours of booking. 3.2. If the guests cancel the reservation less than 14 days before the check-in date, the reservation will be canceled and 50% of the reservation amount will be paid as a cancellation compensation.

invoiced to the guest. For our guests who make a reservation through the agency, a refund is made in accordance with the cancellation conditions of the relevant agency.

3.3. In the event that the host family cannot come, they can accommodate another family, provided that they notify the apartment manager.

3.4. In case of a forced closure by the state throughout Turkey due to the pandemic, your reservation will either be used for a future date or the paid deposit will be refunded.

3.5. The payment will not be refunded if the guest gives up the service for a reason other than not fulfilling the accommodation commitments of the apartments after they have settled in the room. The guest will not be able to claim any compensation.


4.1. We do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with your reservations, but war, civil unrest, strikes, epidemics, terrorism, fire, flood, natural disasters, government-issued laws, accident, machinery or

does not accept any liability for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expense or burden caused directly or indirectly by events, including but not limited to equipment failures, maintenance work or industrial work.

4.2. Funeral, death, health problem, accident and cancellation of leave of public or private company personnel, etc. In such cases, reservation cancellation is not possible.

4.3. Duru Stone House Apartments management cannot be held responsible for all accidents and incidents caused by the guest in the apartment, fire, electricity leakage, and death and accidents that may occur as a result, telephone and internet cut-offs caused by Telecom, power cuts caused by the Electricity Company.

4.4. It reserves the right to exclude the guest(s) who damage the existing property in the apartments or damage the property of the other guests staying in the apartments, or upset them.

4.5. In addition, the damage caused by the apartments is compensated by the management. The contract made due to non-compliance with the specified rules will be terminated and the amount paid will not be refunded.

4.6. If a guest exhibits unacceptable and aggressive behavior towards other guests or employees of the apartment or performs illegal activities in the apartment, these guest(s) will be removed from our business and this situation will be reported to the relevant authorities. The amount paid

the right to return is lost.


5.1. This contract will come into effect after the guests make the reservation and pay, and will end when they leave the apartment.

5.2. This accommodation contract, signed in a single copy, consists of 5 general articles and 4 (four) pages, and is a whole with the attached list of items.

5.3. Datça Enforcement Offices and Courts are authorized for any disputes that may arise regarding the issues covered by this contract.

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